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Staffing agencies place motivated job seekers into exciting jobs across a variety of industries thanks to their unique relationship with employers. Often, companies lack the time and resources to recruit and employ their own employees on a full-time basis. Staffing agencies, such as AtWork, fill these gaps, allowing businesses to grow more intelligently and without overburdening themselves by either bringing on permanent staff when it is not necessary or by devoting precious time and resources to the recruitment process. However, job seekers looking to partner with a staffing agency to find their next job often wonder exactly what types of work may be available. Here’s a look at the major gaps that agencies fill for businesses and just a few types of positions they may be recruiting for:

Temporary Work: One of the most common types of positions staffing agencies fill are temporary positions. These are jobs that typically have a defined start and end date and are not for those looking for a steady routine, as assignments often change. Some jobs that typically fall into this category are general labor positions in warehouses, on job sites, etc., machine operator positions within manufacturing facilities, call center representatives, landscaping positions, and general clerical and administrative positions.

Temp-to-Hire: Temp-to-hire positions are those that will transition from a temporary assignment to a permanent position, as the employer gauges the abilities of the employee. These types of positions are often the most common that a staffing agency will fill and include jobs such as assemblers, forklift operators, delivery drivers, installation specialists, hospitality professionals, sales representatives, and more.

Direct Hire: Staffing agencies fill direct hire positions for employers looking for an immediate, full-time employee. The agency acts as the recruiter for the employer by recruiting, screening, and hiring candidates for permanent positions. Jobs commonly staffed on a direct hire basis include those in the legal field, such as paralegals and legal assistants, as well as assemblers, quality control specialists, accountants, marketing coordinators, and more.

Staffing agencies are excellent resources for both job seekers and employers alike, as they make the necessary tasks of recruiting, screening, and hiring the best talent as smooth and easy as possible. If you’re in the market for a new job, click HERE today to find available positions from AtWork near you!