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Though many employers prefer to hire on a temporary or contract basis in order to stay flexible and more easily react to changing marketplaces, potential employees often shy away from utilizing the services of a staffing firm when searching for a new job. Most job seekers are searching for the security and benefits of full-time employment and feel that seeking the assistance of a staffing firm is taking a step backwards. However, here are four reasons why you should consider partnering with a staffing firm, such as AtWork, to find your next job, even if you are apprehensive:

1: They have lots of job openings. Staffing firms actively work with local businesses across a variety of industries to fill open positions. As a result, they often have multiple jobs to choose from and can help job seekers not only find work, but put them on a path that can provide valuable on the job training and skills to advance their careers.

2: They can help you with your resume and interviewing skills. In order to fill open positions with the best possible candidates, staffing firms often take the time to help applicants add a layer of polish to both their resume as well as their interviewing skills. Additionally, many firms offer supplemental training and access to certifications, such as those for forklift operation, common computer programs, and more in order to ensure that the applicants they recommend to a local business are the best available.

3: They can connect you to local employers more easily. When you’re on the hunt for a job having a connection in a potential employer’s office can be invaluable. Staffing firms have established relationships with a number of potential local employers and can make those valuable first introductions for you, easing the burden of trying to find the right person to speak to for the job you’re searching for.

4: A temporary job can lead to a full-time placement. Though many job seekers only think of staffing agencies as providers of temporary positions, the fact is that many temporary assignments turn into full-time positions. Getting your foot in the door with a staffing agency offers the opportunity to impress the employer during the assignment and be one of the first in line for a permanent position, as they become available. Additionally, many staffing firms specialize in finding the right candidates for full-time positions out of the gate, making the both the job search and employee search process easier and more productive for employers and employees alike.

Though staffing firms are sometimes only considered when a temporary job is desired, the fact is that they are great tools for finding your next full-time position. If you’re on the hunt for a new job and need help, click HERE to contact your local AtWork branch today!