Get the help you need to run a successful staffing operation.

AtWork’s comprehensive training program covers the day-to-day business needs critical to your business’s success. Training enhances business skills, selling capabilities, recruiting techniques and general office operations:

Training Modules

On-site visits. Training and development seminars. Hands-on instruction.

  • Database and Marketing Plan Development. Using AtWork’s operational guidebooks to successfully run your franchise.
  • Employee Development. Using AtWork’s Vision 1000 business planner to recruit, retain, reevaluate and reactivate employees.
  • Sales Skills. Interactive, discussion-based training on basic sales skills. Client research, creating customer profiles, proposal penetration, consultative selling and building relationships.
  • Systems and IBM I-Series Power 5 Plus Overview. AtWork’s front and back office computer system training, including hands-on instruction.
  • Financial Management. Advances on receivables, ledger statements, accounts receivable, credit management, collections, account analysis and cost containment.

Marketing to Companies

Build the AtWork brand. Generate revenue. No staffing experience required.

AtWork provides you with everything you need:

  • A database of companies within your exclusive territory.
  • Training on how to become a strategic partner by helping future clients meet their workforce needs.
  • A comprehensive, systematic, interactive marketing system to help you build the AtWork brand in your market. Accumulate customers and great talent. And, most importantly, generate revenue.

Recruiting Top Candidates

Attract, retain and place your market’s best talent. No recruiting experience required.

AtWork provides the training and tools to make you a recruiting leader:

  • Employee development training using AtWork’s Vision 1000 business planner. Learn how to recruit, retain, reevaluate and reactivate great employees.
  • Use Kenexa ProveIt software to evaluate candidates’ skills and ensure they meet job requirements.
  • Leverage our systematic, ongoing, comprehensive process to increase recruiting cost-efficiency, while creating the best matches between clients and candidates.

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