Whether you’re searching for an executive-level position or just looking to get your foot in the door at a new company, the job search process can be intimidating. Gone are the days when a person could scour the help wanted section of the local paper, make a few phone calls, and find their way into an interview. Modern job seekers find themselves searching for work on multiple websites, at job fairs, and at networking events. However, by sticking with the following best practices—and being persistent in your search—you can improve your chances of landing that dream job.

First Things First: When you are ready to begin your search, start by not only updating your resume, but also updating your LinkedIn profile, being sure to include as much relevant information as possible. It’s also a good idea to update any online portfolios you may have, as well as ensuring that your personal social media accounts are free of any photos or posts that may turn off potential employers.

Craft your Pitch: Once you have all of your job search tools updated, it’s time to put together a brief pitch highlighting the skills and certifications that make you unique. This may be used in conjunction with your LinkedIn profile as well, filling in the “profile summary” section.

Use your Network: As your search heats up, start reaching out to people within your network that may be able to provide a positive reference or connect you to potential employers. Don’t just scratch the surface though; dive deep into your connections, potentially even contacting alumni, old coworkers, or other people who will vouch for your work and potentially offer you a good connection.

Fully Utilize Job Boards: Though you may see a lot of the same job postings repeated across numerous job board sites, check each one daily and sign up for alerts on openings in companies you are interested in working for and positions that are an ideal fit.

Attend Events: Local job fairs, chamber of commerce events, networking groups, and other events are a great place to learn about open positions and connect to decision makers. Take the time to attend as many events as possible and don’t be afraid to go big: Printing a set of personal business cards with the types of positions you are seeking can be a nice touch and keep you top of mind with new connections.

These tips can help you make the most of your job search efforts, but they’re not the end of the road! If you’re struggling to find the right fit, or if you need help getting your foot in the door, AtWork is here to help. We have positions in numerous industries—at all experience levels—across the country and can help guide you through the process. Click HERE to find the AtWork branch nearest to you and let our professional recruiters help you find the job you need, today!

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