Hiring managers and staffing agencies will monitor your page

There are an array of social media platforms these days, but if you are looking for a temp-to-hire or temporary job with a staffing agency like AtWork, none is more valuable then LinkedIn.
Recruiters and hiring managers will likely take a look at all of your social media profiles during your job search, so make sure there is nothing objectionable on your pages. In the case of LinkedIn, you want to keep it highly professional but accessible. Here are five ways to improve your LinkedIn page and attract potential employers:

1. Take it seriously. Make sure your content and messaging are appropriate, and be on the lookout for grammar gremlins and misspellings. Update it often.

2. Create and share content. One way to highlight your skill set in any given area is to write topical content for your page. You want to put yourself out there as a professional and expert, so burnish your credentials with content highlighting your talents and expertise. You can also link to professionally produced and appropriate content in the news media or elsewhere on topics within your wheelhouse.

3. Solicit followers and recommendations: Leverage your networking by asking those you’ve interacted with on a professional level to follow your LinkedIn page or provide a recommendation for your skill sets.

4. Customize. Make your profile description as succinct but as engaging as possible. Hit keywords and highlight your skills. Avoid clichés, but don’t be too dry. Highlight your skills: Social media master? Accountant? Medical records clerk? Use keywords to help recruiters find you.

5. Share your past. Make sure your previous job descriptions are accurate and your job history is complete. Hit the highlights of how you used your top talents to meet goals and excel at your past jobs.

There are 400 million LinkedIn users, so leverage this tremendous employment resource to your advantage. Make sure it’s an honest billboard for your talent, goals and potential.
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