Business owners who are preparing for growth often look to hiring full-time, salaried employees for their most important positions. These businesses can save time and effort, however, by using the abilities of staffing agencies like AtWork Group to hire employees.
What are the advantages of using a staffing agency instead of hiring salaried employees? There are numerous benefits, including:
Hiring full-time employees can be an expensive process. Recruiting, interviewing and sending job offers can cost a business money and time. Your business can work with a staffing agency at a lower cost than traditional recruiting processes. In addition, you will have cost savings related to benefits and other expenditures with a staffing agency that is not available when hiring salaried employees.
If your business needs new employees quickly, a staffing agency can offer a roster of pre-screened, qualified candidates to meet your particular requirements. You can miss opportunities to grow your business if you have to spend a lot of time to find the right candidate.
Employers need flexibility with their new hires, especially if you are working to meet seasonal or temporary shifts in demand. A staffing agency offers outstanding flexibility to meet your hiring needs in a much quicker time frame than traditional salaried methods.
Avoid unemployment claims
If you experience a sudden downturn in your business, you can be responsible for unemployment claims when letting salaried employees go. With a staffing agency, you are not committed to the same responsibilities that you are with full-time employees, freeing up your business from unemployment claim demands.
Businesses that want to expand operations but aren’t ready to commit to salaried employees can use the expertise of staffing agencies to their advantage. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you with all of your staffing needs, contact AtWork Group today.

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