As businesses look for growth opportunities, staffing agencies and franchises are working to find the best candidates for the most in-demand jobs. When your business is looking to fill your critical positions, the staffing professionals at AtWork Group can work to find the experienced hires to meet your requirements. In-Demand Jobs

What are the most in-demand jobs in staffing this year? The areas that show the most growth include:


The top talent in technology is always in demand in today’s business environment and the best and brightest in the tech sector are among the most popular. From cybersecurity to IT, Big Data and analytics, technology based positions are among the most heavily recruited on local and national levels.

From home healthcare to nurses and nurse practitioners, the healthcare industry continues to offer the most demand for employers. Along with these job categories, reimbursement specialists and healthcare management positions are in short supply to meet the needs of our aging population. To help place candidates in these critical positions, our teams offers a division devoted to the healthcare industry.

Companies are having difficulty finding mid-career, experienced financial experts to manage ongoing changes to financial reporting. In addition, Big Data financial experts, as well as those in the accounting field, are among the most heavily recruited candidates in the financial industry.

While seasonal work is often dependent on the individual needs of businesses, the lack of available workers in the past few years has grown significantly. While the number of available candidates continues to shrink, demand has continued to be higher year over year for seasonal workers.

Regardless of the industry that you work in, finding the right talent to fill your critical positions can be managed more effectively when you work with the staffing professionals at AtWork Group. To learn more about the expertise and knowledge that we can bring to your business staffing requirements, contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your recruiting needs in a variety of vertical markets.

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