Staffing agencies offer outstanding advantages for businesses. Regardless of the size of your company, AtWork Group can grow your talent pool to meet your specific requirements. We can save your business time and money with our staffing knowledge and expertise. staffing agencies

The ways that we can help you include:

Quick hiring:
Time spent on recruitment, reviewing applications, interviewing and negotiating salaries means less time devoted to growth. We simplify this process by handling all aspects of your hiring process and delivering qualified candidates quickly.

Varied Industries:

The idea that staffing agencies are just for clerical or administrative work is a common misconception. 35 percent of staffing employees work in higher skilled occupations, including health care, IT and science. We help companies in a variety of industries find talented workers to meet ongoing demands and requirements.

Adapting to meet workflow demand:

A staffing agency can help a business adapt to changes without the need for full time employees. Seasonal hiring and changes in production demands leave employers with too few or too many employees. We work with your requirements and offer employees for hire only when they are needed.

Minimizing Risk:

Hiring new employees offers legal and financial obligations, including federal and state taxes, labor law requirements and insurance. A staffing agency bears these burdens as the employer of record, minimizing risk while allowing your business to concentrate on growth.

Temp to Hire:
Finding the right hire can be difficult. With temporary to permanent employees, you can learn how a candidate will function in their job role before committing to a full time position. Candidates will decide if your company culture is a fit for them before a full time role is offered.

Staffing agencies offer distinct advantages for business owners to meet their hiring needs. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you fill your most important roles, contact AtWork Group today.

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