As 2016 comes to a close, a number of industries will be engaging in planning related to their staffing needs for the first quarter of 2017. For a number of industries, the recent Presidential election, along with wide scale changes to overtime and minimum wage laws, means that staffing trends for 2017 will need to be reviewed to ensure that the number of available workers can meet their demands. The staffing professionals at AtWork Group have identified a number of key areas that businesses of all sides will need to focus on to help maintain and exceed growth for the year. staffing trends 2017

Among the focus areas for staffing and staffing trends in 2017 include:

Disruptive Forces: A new study by Bersin shows that one of the most important terms for 2017 will be disruptive forces. Improvements in technology moving into the year will put staffing focus on more engagement with existing employees that will involve more demands on innovation, collaboration and teamwork within companies. As the requirements of these new technology disruptions are integrated into workforces, hiring individuals that can utilize these technologies for the betterment of the entire organization will be critical.

Changes in Recruiting:
The use of more advanced HR technologies will continue to allow more companies to engage in recruitment that is more technologically savvy to drive higher levels of interest from potential candidates. While the number of hirable individuals continues to grow, the competition for the most skilled workers to fill companies’ most desirable positions will force many companies to search for innovations in reaching potential candidates. With data showing that the average tenure for employees, regardless of age, is 4.6 years and that 76 percent of full-time workers are actively looking for interested in new opportunities, the ability to find, engage and keep talent will dominate staffing for 2017.

Healthcare Staffing: The demand for healthcare workers continues to rise each year, putting a premium on finding the right healthcare workers and engaging with them to keep them onboard. With nearly half of the 30 fastest growing jobs being related to healthcare, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, having a healthcare staffing partner like AtWork Group can help you recruit the best candidates to fill required healthcare positions.

As your business moves into the end of 2016 and prepares for 2017, having a staffing partner like AtWork Group can assist you in creating strategies and fulfilling your most pressing recruitment needs for the year while following the latest staffing trends. To learn more about the capabilities of AtWork Group, please visit our website and contact AtWork Group today to learn more about what we can do to assist you in 2017 and beyond.

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