Thanksgiving 2016 is in our rear view mirror and as we look forward to the mad dash to the holidays and the end of the year, many companies should have their plans in place on how they are going to manage their business for 2017. As leaders in the staffing industry, the team at AtWork Group can help assist you as you plan for your own hiring requirements for 2017 and help you leverage the latest trends in staffing to meet your company’s goals for the upcoming year. Changing Hiring and Staffing in 2017

With many businesses considering how the effects of the recent election will alter their business planning for 2017, a number of trends for the year ahead need to be considered before actions are put in place for hiring and staffing requirements. Among the changes for 2017 that businesses should consider include:

Changes to Overtime Pay:
While technically not a 2017 change, the December 1st change to overtime pay requirements initiated by the U.S. Department of Labor and the FLSA means that many businesses are trying to determine their thresholds of time management and overtime pay for employees. Tracking the hours of salaried employees to stay within the new DOL requirements means that many businesses may be turning to staffing agencies for new hires to stay within the new federal guidelines.

HR broadens their search capabilities:
Indications that there are often not enough qualified candidates for certain positions means that HR departments and employers are going to broaden their sourcing scope to find candidates, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. More employer focus on staffing agencies to help find the right candidates for their open positions will mean that staffing agencies will be more integrated into the hiring process, which means more opportunities for those looking to own their own staffing franchises, including those interested in owning an AtWork Group staffing franchise.

New Laws for employers:
Beyond the implementation of overtime pay changes and rises in minimum wage that have been created by a number of different cities, another change that has been implemented in some states relates to paid family leave. Both New York and California, along with New Jersey and Rhode Island, have either implemented or passed laws related to family leave recently, which means that employers in those states, as well as other states that are considered this type of legislation, will need to prepare for what these leave times may mean for their companies.

As businesses prepare for the New Year, having plans in place for staffing requirements to maintain the integrity of your business should not be something that waits until after the holidays. Partnering with a professional staffing agency like AtWork Group can help your business stay on target for your 2017 goals, so we encourage you to contact our AtWork Group teams to help your business plan for what the New Year has to offer.

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