For a number of companies, having access to the best hiring talent available can be a drain on time and resources. From application reviews to candidate interviews, background checks and salary negotiation, the hiring process can keep business from being as agile as they would like to be and worse, can create growth stagnation to help the business grow. As a leader in the staffing franchise industry, the AtWork Group is familiar with these problems for businesses and can offer solutions for hiring issues.

While a number of businesses still work on the traditional employee model, a shift in the demands of the current workforce means that many businesses are turning to part-time, freelance and temporary workers when business demand is high. Benefits of using a staffing agency like AtWork include: Staffing franchise partner

Hiring Made Easier:
Having a staffing franchise partner can help expedite the process of hiring new candidates for your business. A staffing franchise can conduct the legwork associated with reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates and determining the information related to salaries, freeing up your staff to be able to concentrate on the day to day work of your business.

Additional Hiring Flexibility:

As economic fears permeate the day to day business operations of companies, having the flexibility to hire as needed for certain positions can be created by working with a staffing franchise. “Employers have realized that there is tremendous value in having a workforce that is fluid, a workforce that can be dynamically adjusted to meet their hiring needs on an ongoing basis,” added Jason Leverant, chief operating officer of national staffing franchise AtWork Group. “The flexibility [of using a staffing agency] became the primary driver in the push to bring on a workforce that can adapt with the ebb and flow of a client’s business demands.”

Minimizing Risk:

For many businesses, an assumption of risk can come from hiring new employees directly. From taxes to insurance coverage and applicable labor laws, businesses can be at risk from a variety of factors related to new hires. However, many of these risks can be minimized by using a staffing franchise agency, which can assume some of these financial risks to help companies focus on growth.

While some business may assume that working with a franchise staffing agency like AtWork Group may be too financially burdening, the benefits of a staffing franchise can often far outweigh the risks. If you are interested in seeing how the staffing professionals at The AtWork Group can help your business remain flexible to meet your current job demands, please contact us today to see how we can assist you. If you are interested in owning your own staffing franchise, contact AtWork Franchise today to learn more about staffing franchise opportunities that can offer you an outstanding and rewarding career.

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