As we head into the final quarter of 2016, staffing franchises are starting to look for the most important trends that are anticipated for 2017. As a leader in the staffing franchise industry, the AtWork Franchise is committed to working with our staffing franchises to determine the most important trends to focus on for 2017 and beyond.

Although the upcoming presidential election in the United States is considered a factor in upcoming business forecasting, the health of the staffing franchise industry is designed for long term growth, regardless of the outcome of the election. A more important factor for staffing franchises in determining the growth of the industry is being able to reach those individuals who are looking for not only opportunities in owning their own staffing franchise, but in having the right ways to find candidates for the most pressing job openings. Factors that staffing franchises should take to ensure success in 2017 include: Staffing Franchises 2017

Finding Candidates:

Across the staffing industry, being able to find the right candidates to fill your staffing positions is often an ongoing area of interest. Having the right capabilities within your staffing franchise to find not only active candidates, but finding and recruiting passive candidates is becoming increasingly important for staffing franchises.

Having the Right Systems in Place:

For staffing franchise owners, having the right systems in place to not only find the right candidates, but matching the right candidates with the needs of your staffing franchise partners is increasingly more important. Having the right systems in place can help your staffing franchise stay on top of the needs of your customers, while also being able to deliver on the promise that your staffing franchise offers. If you haven’t thought about how your staffing franchise systems are working, the last quarter of 2016 is a great time to review existing systems to look for areas of improvement.

Promote, Promote, Promote:

As a staffing franchise owner, you know that you have a fantastic service to offer for businesses and potential hiring candidates…but who else knows about what you have to offer? As statistics from the American Staffing Association show, the staffing industry is growing at a faster rate than the labor market and the US economy, but if you aren’t promoting the opportunities available with your staffing franchise, potential partners may not be aware of the benefits of working with your staffing franchise. Creating a plan to promote your services, capabilities and abilities to businesses in 2017 can help your staffing franchise grow in the year to come.

As you look to 2017, understanding the best ways to prepare for the New Year with a staffing franchise can help your staffing business franchise opportunities to grow. If you are interested in seeing how the staffing professionals at The AtWork Group can help you take the steps to success for 2017, please contact us today to see how we can assist you. If you are interested in owning your own staffing franchise, contact AtWork Franchise today to learn more about staffing franchise opportunities that can offer you an outstanding and rewarding career.

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