When you think of how technological advancements have changed the course of business in a number of industries, one industry that you may not think would be affected by technology is the staffing industry. However, the future of staffing for businesses is changing and for those companies that need assistance with staffing placements, the professionals from the AtWork Group can help you take advantage of new opportunities in the future of staffing.

How has technology changed the current state of the staffing industry and what will the future of staffing look like? A recent article in Business News Daily outlines the changes that are in store for the future of staffing. Future of Staffing

Digital Models: While personal networking still holds importance, the digital model for the staffing industry is increasingly important. With social media outlets, including Twitter and LinkedIn, becoming more prevalent in business use, expectations have changed for how businesses are recruiting individuals through their staffing outreach.

Changing Expectations: The frenetic pace of today’s technologically savvy individuals puts the onus on staffing agencies and business to offer online portals for accepting applications, researching candidates and offering opportunities. Staffing agencies and businesses that don’t offer ease of use in applications and user experience capabilities for the most desirable candidates can find themselves having increasingly higher difficulty rates in finding the right candidates for their positions.

Understanding your Brand
: If you read that and thought to yourself “My Brand? My brand is my business!” it may be time to reconsider how you approach your own digital imprint. Just as staffing agencies and business research potential job candidates, the candidates themselves are researching your business or agency. Digital word of mouth on review sites like Glassdoor and on social media networks offer insight into how people that work with or for your company perceive your brand, which can offer excellent results (or negative consequences) for your brand.

Data Incorporation: Big Data is a term that is used throughout business and applies to the often overwhelming amount of data that is available on candidates through their applications, social media profiles and other experiences. If your staffing agency or business is not using analytics programs to sift through data that is collected on potential candidates, you may be faced with an overwhelming amount of information related to candidate backgrounds, limiting opportunities to find the right candidates. There are a number of cloud-based hiring programs that can help determine the right parameters for interviewing and hiring the right candidates and will be even more prevalent as more data becomes available.

The future of staffing, hiring and finding the right candidates will continue to evolve to meet the technology requirements of businesses in the future. Regardless of the size and scope of your staffing needs, having a staffing partner like AtWork Group can help you best determine the course of action required to find the right candidates for your most desired positions. Contact the AtWork Group today to learn how we can assist you and help you stay in front of the future of staffing

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