For those individuals who view franchising as an opportunity for personal and professional growth, there are a number of factors to consider to have success in staffing the franchise industry. If you are interested in owning your own staffing franchise, understanding the traits of a successful franchise system like AtWork Group can assist you in determining your readiness for staffing franchise success.

What types of information should you consider before choosing the right staffing industry franchise? Forbes Magazine offered some key indicators that can help grow your opportunity staffing franchise success, including: staffing franchise success

Is it the right Business Model? Determining the way that the staffing franchise offers customer value as compared to franchise competitors. If you have the opportunity to understand the support of the staffing franchise versus competition, investigate how that can be used to help grow your staffing franchise opportunity.

Is the franchise business scalable? If you have the opportunity to expand the scope, reach and scale of the staffing franchise business, how will you accomplish that goal? Having the ability to scale your staffing franchise up to offer greater growth potential can be extremely helpful with determinations.

Understanding the Scope of the Franchise: Is the staffing franchise available to touch a number of key vertical is important for understanding the scope of the franchise. The AtWork Group scope allows for growth into several key vertical markets, which can assist with the scope of products that can be offered.

Location Requirements:
Creating an idea of where your location will be and what types of locations are available is important to determining the location of your business. The old adage of “Location, Location, Location” may not be applicable in all situations, but for a staffing franchise business, it is important to make your franchise accessible.

What is my market competition?
Look at the location where your staffing franchise will be located—are there a number of other competitors in your area and if so, how successful have they been? Understanding the market and your competitors that you will be working against is helpful to determine the paths to success for your staffing franchise.

Another key component is your willingness to work—while it may seem that this goes without saying, owning a staffing franchise will take an important time and monetary commitment to ensure success for you and your franchise!

The opportunity to grow your professional journey begins with a single step; if you are interested in taking your first step and to learn more about owning an AtWork Group staffing franchise to have your own opportunity for staffing franchise success, please visit

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