Purchasing a franchise business is a great way to start on the path of owning your own business, without suffering some of the pitfalls that can occur when starting a business from scratch. In fact, the number of franchise establishments have increased every year since 2011, and according to, projections for 2016 continue that trend, with growth predicted to increase by 1.7 percent over the previous year. A great opportunity for growth in the franchise industry comes when you own a staffing franchise, which offer distinct benefits for franchise owners.

With almost 800,000 franchise establishments in business, franchise ownership is becoming one of the top options for entrepreneurship in the U.S. today, and staffing franchise businesses, like AtWork Group , offer a host of benefits to potential franchise buyers. Staffing Franchise

Franchises offer a proven business model
There are many ways a potential franchise buyer can investigate the best staffing franchise to invest in. Checking out the most successful franchise opportunities through online research is a great place to start to learn more about the different opportunities that are available.
Established franchises offer a known brand
Rather than having to engage and create a branding and PR campaign on your own, purchasing a franchise through an established brand gives new owners a solid marketing plan with materials and collateral already created. All the franchise buyer needs to do is personalize materials to their own location.
Talk to existing franchise owners for insight
AtWork Group encourages potential franchisees to utilize the training and business advice it offers to its franchise buyers, including the opportunity to hear from existing franchise owners about the business. It’s a great way to learn if the staffing franchise business is the right fit for you.
Staffing is a growing business
According to the American Staffing Association, in 2015 staffing companies hired a total of 15.9 million temporary and contract employees—the highest number since 2000. This is great news for those interested in staffing as a business.

If owning a staffing franchise business is something that interests you, AtWork Group is always looking for great partners! Find out more about franchise ownership by visiting today.

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