Finding the right employee for your business is hard enough, but hiring at the executive level can often be more complex and stressful. Unfortunately, making a wrong hire is costly no matter what the level. The professionals from the AtWork Search Group offers full-service professional executive recruitment and placement to help make your executive search process rewarding.

Why use the professionals from AtWork Search Group? Most businesses find themselves placing advertisements on job search sites like or and hoping to find the right candidate. The problem using this tactic is that the best executive fit for your business is probably not even looking to move, or if he/she is looking, they are not searching via job search sites. professional executive recruitment

If you think of the staff time your business spends pouring through resumes, reading cover letter after cover letter, and then the interview process, you may be spending weeks or months trying to find the right candidate. If you hire a professional executive recruiting firm like AtWork Group’s professional search division, our team will be actively involved in helping you locate, triage, vet, interview and hire the right candidate. Here are some ways AtWork Search Group can save you time and money:

• An executive search firm knows the insiders
Have you heard that most executives find jobs through networking rather than through online searches or through friends? Search firms know the hidden ways to find top candidates in your industry.

• An executive search firm is the expert
Your company may have a great HR department, but do you feel confident your HR staff is the best group to be searching and vetting your next executive level candidate? A professional firm uses the most current and strategic methods to assure your hire is suitable as a component of your professional executive recruitment strategy.

• An executive search firm negotiates the best terms
Once a candidate is chosen, the real negotiation begins, and this is where the experience of a proven professional executive search firm comes into play … procuring the most beneficial agreement.

Another advantage of using a search firm is that your new hire comes on board without harboring any negative feelings about negotiations or the hiring practices, and can start off knowing your company valued the position enough to use a professional firm to manage the process. Find out more staffing franchises and AtWork Group’s professional search services for professional executive recruitment at

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