If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, a knack for matching people and jobs, enjoy the idea of working for yourself in a rewarding and financially stable, growing industry, partnering with AtWork Group for a staffing franchise could offer you an outstanding opportunity for personal and professional growth. AtWork Staffing Franchise Opportunity

A franchise business opportunity like an AtWork Group Staffing Franchise offers a great deal of rewards for those who have the drive to develop and grow a thriving business helping companies with their staffing needs. Before getting started with AtWork Group, we offer some FAQs to give you a basic understanding of what it takes to purchase and run a staffing franchise business:

How do you choose the right staffing franchise for you?
First and foremost, research the companies you are interested in. The more knowledge you have the better your choice will turn out to be. Reading publications and websites devoted to the staffing franchise industry is a great start. The American Staffing Association, International Franchising Association, Franchise Times, and Staffing Industry Analysts are just a few places to start your research.

Do you need to have upfront money?
If you are seriously interested in starting any business, you’ll need to have money saved or have obtained a bank loan in order to get started. Staffing franchises are no different. Franchisors will want to see that you are prepared for the financial and time commitment necessary to join their franchise family to assure your success. Every staffing franchise’s financial requirements are different, so be sure to ask at the very beginning.

After picking a staffing franchise to consider, what’s next?
With AtWork Group, potential franchisees will want to visit the website or call the AtWork Group franchise start up phone line to request more information and to fill out the initial inquiry forms. Most franchisors have a process that potential franchisees must follow to be considered. They’ll ask about your background, financial status, business experience, education and more. These questions are to help determine if owning a franchise is a good fit for you … and the franchise owner.

Will there be one-on-one training after the purchase?
Training occurs in many ways. AtWork Group employs training both in the home office in Knoxville, TN and on-site at your franchise location before, during and after the opening to assure your start is successful. Ongoing training can be obtained as well. Investigate the franchise you have chosen to be sure you get the training you will need.

The opportunity to grow your professional journey begins with a single step; if you are interested in taking your first step and to learn more about owning an AtWork Group staffing franchise, please visit

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