More and more businesses are dealing with a new shift in how they find the right job candidates for their positions. A 2015 study indicated that the new methodology for careers is a move to a candidate-powered economy, where 75% of full-time employed workers are open or actively looking for a new job opportunity.
In addition to those figures, job candidates on average are using 18 different sources when searching for jobs in today’s market, numbers which continue to rise with the prevalence of social media, mobile and job specific verticals on line for candidates.

With this switch to a candidate-powered job search, businesses who are used to posting an ad or letting resumes come to them are finding it extremely difficult to pull in the right job candidates, which can mean losses in productivity for businesses and a talent gap for the most important positions available. AtWork Search, a division of AtWork Staffing services, is uniquely designed to help position your company with this new breed of job seekers, giving your business an edge in finding the most desired hires. Job Candidates

The pressure on employers to find the right job candidates is also showing in the metrics of employer economies for hiring. Figures from a candidate behavior study show that:

54% of employers have indicated that it has become more difficult to find qualified candidates in the last 5 years.

50% of employers indicated that it is hard to find candidates with the appropriate skills for the positions they are hiring for.

73% of employers admit that making a bad hire is more costly than leaving the position vacant.

Finding the right job candidates is not as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack, but to do the task right, you need a magnet. With AtWork search from the AtWork group, you can recruit talent professionals simpler and with more cost-effectiveness. Put AtWork Search to work for you and help find that perfect candidate while focusing on your top business priorities.

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