While the number of job openings available in the United States changed little over the last few months, the number of hires that are being undertaken by companies continues to edge down. With job separations remaining unchanged month over month, more and more companies in the U.S. are having difficulty finding candidates that seem to be the right fit in a number of different industries. The AtWork Group can assist your business when dealing with staffing turnover and other personnel fulfillment issues.

If your business is dealing with staffing turnover, deadlines that are being missed due to short-staffing or even having difficulty in finding the right candidates, AtWork Personnel Services offers an outstanding opportunities to deliver highly qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. We can assist you with: Staffing Turnover

Temporary Hires: Short-term fill-ins, dedicated project support and the temporary help you need without adding overhead.

Temp-to-Hire: Reduce hiring risks and fill critical vacancies when you try a candidate on your jobs before extending an offer for employment.

Direct Hire: Access better candidates, including the ones that may not necessarily be in the market for a new position when you use AtWork Personnel to solve your problems quickly and cost-effectively.

On-Site: When you need immediate assistance, you can have access to a dedicated AtWork coordinator to source, train and deploy temporary staff. Streamline administration and ensure productivity with our team of professionals.

Payrolling: Transfer temporary employees you recruit onto our payroll and let the AtWork Personnel team take care of everything for you. Our team will handle pay, withholding and reporting, saving you administrative hassles and expense to allow you to focus on your business.

Being frustrated by employee turnover, unqualified candidates and looming deadlines can paralyze a business. If your business needs assistance with controlling costs, hiring the right people and increasing productivity, give the staffing professionals at AtWork Personnel a call today to see what they can do to help ease your burden and get your business back on track.

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