As recent college graduates enter into the jobs market, there are a number of trends that are continuing for both employers and jobseekers. With the jobs market growing particularly quickly in the healthcare and staffing industries, being able to take advantage of the latest trends in the job market can help individuals find work quickly. The professionals at the AtWork Group can help your business take advantage of these staffing industry trends, as well as offer information for those looking to take advantage of staffing industry trends to own their own staffing franchise.

For those individuals who are looking to enter into the job market, the AtWork Group offers an outstanding opportunities to find positions within these up and coming industries. What staffing industry trends can you expect to find when looking for the latest positions? Staffing Industry Trends

Flexibility is important for the latest generation of college graduates and the ability to freelance while trying different jobs allows for outstanding results for job seekers. While some graduates use freelancing as a pathway to a permanent position, new graduates are also freelancing to widen their potential for new opportunities.

Backgrounds are diverse:
The traditional idea of starting a job with one company and staying there for the rest of your career is fast becoming a relic of a previous time. More and more employees, as well as employers, are looking for candidates with diverse backgrounds to be able to move and pivot to new market strategies.

The persuasive nature of technology has changed not only how companies do business, but also how employees find work. Social media, industry specific job boards and mobile integration has made businesses think more strategically in how they present themselves to both existing and potential job candidates.

As the staffing industry continues to grow to meet the ever changing demands of the job market, new graduates, experienced workers and those looking for a new opportunity are savvier than ever in finding the right position. For more information on the opportunities that are available with AtWork, contact AtWork staffing to learn more about what we have to offer and the latest staffing industry trends.

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