Regardless of the industry that your business may be in, being able to innovate is key in driving growth in your market. For employers in Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee that are looking for innovative hiring solutions, the professionals from AtWork Personnel Services use innovation to create opportunities for our partners in the staffing industry. Learning how staffing innovation services from the AtWork Group can assist your business is the first step in growing your business capabilities.

As the methodologies of finding the right candidates continues to move based upon personal communication preferences of both candidates and businesses, staffing companies that are able to incorporate new technologies and innovations across platforms are finding success in reaching the right candidates for the right positions.

With the demand for highly skilled employees continuing to rise, both employers and staffing companies are working together to use innovative practices to match job seekers and employers. These innovations include:
Staffing innovation services
Specialization: Moving from broad recruiting campaigns to specialized campaigns is important for businesses in a variety of markets, including industry specific campaigns to attract talent. More companies are looking to staffing partners that have associations with professional development organizations to find specific candidates that are familiar with job roles.

Social Media Recruiting: As social media outlets continue to be omni-present in the lives of many candidates, companies that embrace social media recruiting have found success not only in recruiting of candidates directly, but also in leveraging positive social media branding from current and former employees. Additionally, companies that have a less positive social media reputation can often have difficulties in presenting themselves in a positive light to candidates, meaning that being aware of, and managing, social media presence can be just as important to brand positioning.

Investing in Technology pays dividends: Staffing agencies that embrace new technologies that offer ease of use for their clients have seen positive results from their investments. Offering new technologies that simplify the processes of finding and retaining new talent can differentiate staffing companies in the increasingly competitive staffing market.

Innovation in business is a key to help foster growth and drive new business to higher levels. The systems used by the AtWork Group allows our clients to match employers and candidates with the jobs that are needed quickly and efficiently. For more information about the Client Management System and staffing innovation services that we have to offer, contact AtWork today.

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