Determining the skill sets that potential employees can bring to new positions, either temporary or full-time, is an important component to determine the likelihood of success for candidates. For employers that are looking for the right candidates, understanding the importance of potential employees assessment and training is critical in hiring for success.
Pre-employment tests are most often implemented to determine not only the capabilities of job applicants, but can also include drug screens for candidates as well. Depending on the industry, these assessment tests are used to determine critical areas that include overall knowledge, work skills, personality traits, emotional outlook, language proficiency and individual integrity. Potential Employee Assessment and Training
When looking for a staffing partner for your business, keep in mind that not all skills assessments and pre-employment tests are the same. When you speak with a potential staffing partner regarding skills assessments, keeping these questions in mind can be effective in determining their success.
• Validity: Are the tests that are being administered measure skills that are important to the position or are they being done just for the sake of doing them? Understanding how the information that is being tested relates to the job is important to why the test would be valid for a candidate.
• Reliability and Constancy: Understanding the reliability of an assessment test is important to understanding how that candidate would do in the position. If a candidate scores extremely high on a test in one setting and then scores extremely low the next time the test is taken, there can be questions regarding the reliability of the testing information. In addition, having a constant trait that scores highly or lowly across candidates may be indicative that the test is not reliable for candidate use.
• Compliance: From an EEO perspective, having a test that does not qualify or meet the demands of EEO laws can offer serious consequences for both the staffing company and the company that works with them. Making sure that assessment questions are EEO compliant, are not offensive or are too personal can ensure that all parties are compliant with the requirements related to assessment testing.
The information that can be gained from assessment tests and pre-employment screenings can be invaluable tools for finding the right candidates. The AtWork Group works to simplify your staffing needs through a wide variety of assessments and candidate information resources at our disposal. For more information about the staffing processes that we have to offer, contact AtWork Group today.

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