For businesses that are anticipating quick growth due to seasonal or market conditions, having the ability to leverage temporary employees to meet staffing needs can offer outstanding results without the financial need to add full time employees.
With extensive experience in the temporary employment sector, the AtWork Personnel team can help businesses in a variety of industries leverage temporary employees to build growth during peak business periods. The advantages of using temporary employees include: AtWork Group Leverage Temporary Employees
Multi-Tasking: From a business operations standpoint, using temporary employees to “fill in” for multiple positions can be beneficial to both the employee and employer. Adding temporary staff to help with seasonal work in a variety of different departments as needed can help meet customer demands for employers, while employees can gain experience from working in different areas within a business to grow their resume.
Training Costs: If employees are temporary, employers can save on long term training costs that are more closely associated with full time positions. While this is not a method to save on training necessary to complete work required or for safety obligations, training costs for temporary employees will not be as extensive when the temporary position is for a short, pre-determined amount of time.
Talent Sourcing: When looking for highly skilled employees, using a temporary position can allow for a specific time period to determine if the employee is a good fit within an organization. For start-ups or nonprofit organizations, using temporary positions can assist with getting work completed until higher funding levels are achieved.
Cost Savings: Businesses that use temporary workers can save money on overtime costs that would normally be incurred for existing employees, as well as saving costs on advertising for new positions, as well as costs related to recruiting and screening processes. In addition, temporary employees can also save on insurance and other costs that are more common with full time employees.
Using the abilities of temporary workers to fill key positions can lead to greater productivity for your business while also offering outstanding experience for employees. For more information about our ability to offer temporary workers for your business and the additional staffing services that we have to offer, contact AtWork Group today.

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