As the US healthcare market continues to set records in job growth, it can be difficult for some healthcare organizations to find the right employees. For healthcare employers that are looking to fill key positions, there is often difficulty in finding the “right” candidates to fill their most desired healthcare positions and incorporate their medical hires into their organizations.
The process of finding qualified candidates that are the proper fit for a healthcare organizations can be both time-consuming and costly. While many healthcare organizations look to staffing agencies to fill certain key positions, the ability to find direct hire candidates that work directly for your organization can offer significant savings in both time and cost for businesses. AtWork staffing medical hires
With direct hire healthcare staffing services from AtWork Medical Services, you can find the perfect talent to fit your hardest to fill positions to help build the ongoing success for your healthcare team. The AtWork Group can help your healthcare organization find the right potential candidates by accelerating the hiring process through the following methods:
• Less Time on Candidate Interviews: With our Direct Hire services, AtWork Medical Services will mine data to find the right candidates prior to the interview process, allowing you to spend less time on the wrong candidates.
• Focus: Spending time determining the right ways to find candidates can force your company to expend valuable time on deciding which outlets to use to find potential candidates. Direct Hire services from AtWork medical services allows you and your healthcare team to focus on daily requirements, while our teams find the right talent for you to interview.
• Increase ROI and Retention: The adage of “Time is Money” is especially key when it relates to the time spent on finding the right medical candidates. Being able to hire the right people the first time can not only decrease expenditures, but can also help you retain the talent that you have on your team.
• Savings on Training: Time spent on training a recruiting partner, who then must train their staff to try and find the right candidates, can drain monetary and time resources for your company. Using an experience Direct Hire company like AtWork Medical Services reduces training time, allowing you to focus your energy and finances on building your core business.
With our extensive experience in the Direct Hire market, the AtWork Group is uniquely suited to find the perfect candidates for your healthcare organization through our cost-effective Direct Hire methods. For more information about the Direct Hire services we have to offer, contact AtWork Medical Services today.

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