As the quest for new talent dominates business requirements, dealing with hiring frustrations, staff turnover and the day to day needs of your customers and clients can add stress for employers. Partnering with a professional staffing agency can help your business succeed and eliminate time spent on the hiring process that can be better used for managing the day to day flow for your organization.
With an extensive history in the staffing industry, AtWork Group, as a professional staffing agency, can help your business by offering a myriad of services that are designed with flexibility in mind to help ease any pains that your business may undergo. Our suite of staffing and personnel services are designed to meet the needs of businesses that require assistance with a number of key areas, including requests for: What can AtWork professional staffing do for your business
Temporary Hires: Short-term fill-ins. Project support. Get the help you need without adding overhead.
Temp-to-Hire: Reduce hiring risks and fill critical vacancies. Try a candidate on the job before extending an offer for employment to decide if they are the right fit for your team.
Direct Hire: With direct hire services, your team can access better candidates (including those who aren’t actively searching), more quickly and cost-effectively. The AtWork team offers full guarantees of our placements to drive better results.
On-Site: With our on-site programs, your business can have access to a dedicated AtWork coordinator to source, train and deploy temporary staff. Streamline administration and ensure productivity to help grown your business
Payrolling: Transfer temporary employees you recruit onto our payroll, where the AtWork team will handle pay, withholding and reporting, to save you administrative hassles and expense.
With our extensive experience in the staffing market, the AtWork Group is uniquely suited to assist your business to control costs and hire better candidates to grow your business. For more information about the staffing services we have to offer, contact AtWork Group today.

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