As families continue to work to find the proper combination of work/life balance, adding in the additional stress of caring for family members can often push individuals to a breaking point. For those families that need extra assistance, the AtWork Helping Hands Services team can offer a variety of services to help ease the burdens.
For those who feel called to assist others, the AtWork Helping Hands Services team offers the opportunity to work in a position that allows them to help others, while being able to find a schedule that will fit their individual requirements. Helping Hands Services from AtWork

Bringing together employers looking for the right candidates and candidates looking for the right opportunity, the AtWork Helping Hands Services group can offer a wide variety of services that offers greater freedom, focus and peace of mind. Services provided by our group include:
Senior Services. Daily living assistance from helpers who are sensitive to eldercare and disability issues. Personal care, companionship, nutrition monitoring and more.
Personal Concierge. To-do list too long? Whether it’s shopping, errand running or party planning, leave the runaround to us.
Homemakers’ Services. Run your home like a pro. Light housekeeping, meal preparation, pet care, gardening; regardless of your need, our teams can assist.
Parents’ Helpers. Take a little time for yourself. Child care, children’s activities, tutoring, house sitting and more.

A recent Ernst & Young survey indicated that 24 percent of U.S. employees have said that managing work-life balance is harder than it has been in years past. Being able to use the assistance of professional staffing partners to be able to increase the work-life balance can lead to more productivity, more healthy outcomes and a great sense of self.

Home Assistance Services are increasingly important for those who are managing their own professional lives with the needs for at home care. If you are called to work in the home assistance services field and are interested in what you can do to help others, contact the AtWork Helping Hands services division to find a perfect opportunity for you.

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