Staffing ServicesIf you handle staffing and recruiting on your own, you can spend $1,200 on average per employee on training alone. This metric doesn’t include the costs associated with job postings, advertising, resume reviews, interviews, and testing, let alone the time needed to onboard and conduct workplace integration.

Keeping your staffing costs low while finding the qualified talent needed to maintain growth is a big challenge for any business owner. This is where staffing franchises come in to alleviate the stress associated with in-house recruiting. Here are some of the top benefits to consider:

Screenings: If you don’t take the time and effort to prescreen talent, you run the risk of high turnover rates. Because a staffing franchise is dedicated to finding the ideal candidate for your company and your culture, you drastically reduce the chances of bringing on an unqualified employee or an individual that won’t mesh with your company culture.

Larger job pool: Finding qualified employees can be tough, especially if you’re seeking millennials. Fifty three percent of hiring managers say these up-and-coming workers are difficult to find and retain, but a staffing franchise puts more recruiting power to your business to find highly sought-after younger and passive talent.

Flexibility: In times of increased customer demand, a staffing franchise can provide flexible options to maintain productivity. Hiring temporary workers is a cost-effective way to meet increased project loads without the associated spending of full-time employees. In addition, temporary workers can help alleviate stress for your workforce so your business can maintain low turnover rates.

Time: When you partner with a staffing agency or franchise, you stand to decrease lost time associated with hiring. In fact, approximately 38 percent of companies have a better ability to fill positions quickly when they work with staffing firms.

When you partner with a staffing franchise, you’re not foregoing your say in the recruiting process. Instead, you’re investing in qualified help that increases your chances of finding and retaining the talent needed for your business to grow. To find out more, contact AtWork Group today.

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