Group Of Office Workers Meeting To Discuss Ideas_284519210In 2015, approximately 108,924,000 full-time and salary workers were absent from their jobs, with the majority of them citing illness or injury as the cause. Because of unscheduled absenteeism, your business is likely losing money. According to a Circadian study, unscheduled absenteeism is “conservatively costing $3,600 per hourly employee per year.”

Establishing and supporting a healthy workforce often means reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and a better bottom-line. As a national staffing franchise, we know implementing a workplace health program may seem difficult, but such plans can benefit your business in more ways than one.

Here the key advantages of a healthier staff:

Improved Employee Satisfaction: A large portion of Americans claim their jobs are stressful.. By encouraging healthy behavior, your staff is less likely to be overworked and unproductive. Additionally, offering incentives for wellness initiatives is a great way to improve overall morale and overall job satisfaction

Reduced Costs: According to a study by Healthcare Trends Institute, approximately 72 percent of employers who offer wellness initiatives mentioned reduced health care spending as a result. Wellness programs have also been known to lower insurance premiums for employees.

Even with these benefits in mind, maintaining a healthy workforce can still be challenging. Here are a few ways you can promote better wellness with your staff:

Make healthy options easily available: Employees in office environments tend to eat sugary and salty snacks simply because they’re there. Introducing fresh snack options can encourage healthy eating while partnering with local restaurants can introduce ready-to-go lunch options that aren’t fast food.

Let sick employees stay home: It’s important to set clear expectations regarding sick time so that any sick employee stays home to recover.

Offer health insurance: If you can afford corporate health insurance, you should implement a program. When workers have affordable access to health care, they’re more likely to take stock in their personal wellbeing.

Encourage vacation time: Americans tend to only take half of their vacation time, leading to burnout and decreased engagement. As a business owner, it’s important to encourage your staff to take their PTO and enjoy it. This is a great way to maintain productivity and fresh ideas.

Promoting workplace health is a win-win situation for any business, but implementing wellness initiatives can be time consuming and tough to manage. Fortunately, staffing franchises, like AtWork Group, can help ensure your staff is happy and healthy. To find out more, contact us today.

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