Job Application on TabletIf your turnover is high but customer demand continues to increase, temporary workers can greatly help operations. Hiring temporary employees is a risky business despite the seemingly easy contractual process.

From legal and training concerns, to background screenings, hiring a temporary worker only to find out their not a good fit for your business can cost you time and revenue. However, working with a staffing franchise can help safeguard your employment needs by providing critical pre-hiring screenings. Here are a few of the benefits:

•Lower turnover: The last thing you want when hiring temporary employees is to look for their replacements before their contracts have been fulfilled. Background screenings can help reduce this risk by asserting each individual’s role with your company so that there’s full transparency between your business and the worker – ultimately reducing your turnover rates.

•Better customer engagement: If your temporary workers will be customer-facing, it’s important that they are pre-screened. Regardless of their employment status, it’s best to avoid damaging your brand’s reputation because of a disimpassioned employee. When you partner with a staffing franchise, matching a temporary employee’s attitude with your company’s culture will be a top priority so that your brand’s reputation will remain secure.

•Better opportunity: When offered permanent positions, 66 percent of temporary workers accepted the job. When you have these individuals screened, you’ll get a better understanding of which ones are looking for full-time positions. This can be a great way to secure the talent needed for sustained profitability and growth.

Making efforts to screen temporary workers can mean the difference between lackluster staffing and truly positive ROI. While it may seem simple, hiring contingent employees is a risky endeavor that requires years of experience to result in an ideal match. Working with a staffing franchise, like AtWork Group, can help take that risk out of your hands and into qualified staffing professionals. To find out more, contact us today to find a staffing franchise near you.

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