Employee EngagementFor seasonal demands, hiring temporary employees can ensure production and customer satisfaction remain high for your business. However, a contingent worker is likely to feel alienated from your business simply because they know their employment is temporary.

Ten years ago, 10 percent of workers were employed in contingent jobs but now, the percentage of contractual employees has risen to more than 40 percent according to the IRS. Because more individuals are moving to temporary work, engaging with contingent workers so they feel loyal to your company can be difficult – especially without help from a staffing franchise.

Here are three ways you can encourage better engagement with these workers:

•Temp-to-hire: Half of temporary workers say that their choice in employment is a way to get a permanent job and when offered a full-time position, 66 percent will accept. If you’re not offering a path to full-time employment, you’ll likely find a number of your contingent workers reluctant to engage with your brand as a result.

•Training: While onboarding for contingent workers can be time consuming, 31 percent of employees said training and education would increase their engagement and loyalty. This puts a big emphasis on pre- and post-hiring training, but if you aren’t prepared for the increase of contingent workers, it’s likely that these employees won’t receive the orientation they seek. Working with a staffing franchise can help by taking the responsibility of training off your plate into the hands of highly skilled staffing professionals.

•Involve them in company culture: There’s no reason not to include contingent workers in your company culture and recognize their hard work. Encourage them during the day just as you would a loyal, full-time staff member and acknowledge whenever they go above and beyond for your company. Even if there is no temp-to-hire position, showing appreciation can increase your chances of contingent workers coming back to your business when you need them most.

When you work with contingent employees, treating them like full-time workers is a surefire way to increase their loyalty with your brand. Partnering with a staffing franchise, like AtWork Group, is also a great way to ensure contingent worker engagement without taking away from the responsibilities of a business owner. To find out more, contact us today.

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