Business PeopleTemporary workers can benefit any business in any industry. In an average week, more than three million temporary and contract employees work in the U.S. and staffing companies hire more than 14 million in a single year.

While you may think a temp wouldn’t be able to assist your business, partnering with a national staffing franchise can actually help you find highly qualified workers to fill a variety of demands. Here are a few things to consider about the various occupations of temporary employees:

Higher Skilled Jobs: For occupations that require higher education and specialized skills, employees sourced by staffing franchises can help. In fact, 35 percent of temporary and contract workers are employed in professions such as managerial, technical, IT, science and health care. For helping hands businesses, many staffing franchises can also source non-medical caregivers that are fully trained, insured and bonded.

Seasonal: During times of seasonal demand, like the holidays or summer sales spikes, many employers turn to temporary staffing to maintain their profitability. Nearly three-quarters of businesses hire temp workers to meet seasonal consumer demands and nearly half of U.S. companies plan to move those workers to some sort of full-time employment.

Temp-to-hire: For 49 percent of staffing employees, temporary work is a door to full-time employment. Because of this enthusiasm, working with a staffing franchise is a cost-effective way to try out an employee before you add them to your permanent team. The reduced onboarding costs of working with temp-to-hire employees alone can strengthen your bottom line.

If you’ve painted a picture of temporary workers being disengaged and unmotivated, think again. Nine out of 10 staffing employees say they’re satisfied with the placement they get from their agencies and when offered permanent employment, 66 percent take it. Growing your business, meeting increased demand and finding new and qualified employees can all be accomplished by working with a staffing franchise, like AtWork Group. We can help you find the temporary workforce you’re looking for no matter what industry your business is in. Contact us today to find out more.

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