Social media on hand with blue backgroundWhen employees are connected with each other, your workforce is likely to be more productive by up to 25 percent. Providing an intranet system can help your staff collaborate, but only if the system is well used – something that 31 percent of employees admit they never deal with.

So, how can your business improve team communication without breaking the bank? At AtWork Group, we feel the answer is in social platforms.

These up-and-coming channels have helped our leadership and franchise team intermingle with excellent results. Your business can follow suit to engage workers of all levels and build up a community of productivity rather than wasted broadband. Here are a few things to consider if you want to incorporate social platforms into your staff communication strategy.

•Go Mobile: If your staff is always on the go, mobile apps like Slack, GroupMe or Google+ Hangouts can help keep everyone connected. Setting these up is inexpensive as it only requires a sliver of time to get started and many apps can be tailored for your specific needs. Mobile apps are also a great way to streamline communication efforts for project approvals, staffing concerns and general questions – eliminating the need for clunky emails.

•Appropriate Intranet: Even though intranet participation is low, investing in a platform could benefit your business depending on your industry. For example, franchise systems can benefit from platforms like FranConnect by providing two-way communication resources for all of their owners. It can also be a great way to share positive news with your entire team to boost workforce morale. Whatever platform you pick, it’s best to match it with your industry.

While social platforms can improve staffing communications, caution is needed when picking one to fit into your business and culture. It’s wise to invest in an app that is business-oriented so that social downtime can be kept to a minimum. It’s also important to discuss with your entire workforce about what communication resources they want in order to determine the true ROI of a platform.

For more information about improving the staffing of your business, contact AtWork Group today. We’re constantly improving on our own communication platforms to provide the same results to you.

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