AtWork_InterviewRecruiting today is focused on relationship building. Nearly half of all applicants had no previous relationship with a company before applying. For many businesses, a job interview is the first time talent will be exposed to your brand, making two-way communication a critical component of recruiting.

Failing to communicate properly with your applicants can actually harm your reputation. Eleven percent of candidates stated that a poor experience would cause them to cut ties with the business completely. It’s important to remember that interviewees are still customers.

Here are some top ways you can set your staffing and recruiting efforts up for success with proper communication:

Create constant communication: Active jobseekers will typically put a full-time position’s worth of effort into securing a new career, so creating a channel that supports constant communication can help you build a positive relationship with applicants. It’s important to update, email and talk with applicants regularly, even if you decide not to hire them.

Give feedback: An overwhelming 56 percent of candidates have reported receiving zero feedback from a company, damaging that brand’s reputation in the process. You can break the mold by encouraging jobseekers to apply again and offer feedback on how they could improve their chances and landing a job with your company.

Provide clear expectations: While communication is important, you don’t want to go overboard and waste valuable time talking with applicants. This is why giving clear expectations of the job requirements is important during the interview process. You should also create job descriptions that aren’t vague or confusing in order to streamline the entire recruiting process.

Even though clear and constant communication is needed to recruit properly, business owners may struggle to devote the time and effort to this task. Fortunately, outsourcing to a staffing agency, like AtWork Group, can maximize your hiring process while saving you time and money. To find out more, contact us today.

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