Social media iconsSourcing top talent is a continual challenge for staffing agencies and franchises, especially in today’s unique economy. While unemployment is high, the labor force participation rate is low meaning staffing professionals need to adapt to new recruiting tactics.

One method that is building momentum is social recruiting. Attracting, sourcing and even retaining a powerful workforce can be made easier with social media, but only if implemented strategically. If you’re struggling to find talent for your clients, here are two ways social media can help:

•Larger job pool: Eighty six percent of job seekers have an account on at least one of the six major social networks. Traditional recruiting efforts can be supplemented through social media by simply expanding the job pool. Creating social-specific job descriptions to post on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can even help attract the growing percentage of passive talent.

•Better communication: Job seekers want two-way communication and social networks provide a familiar and easy solution. By having an online presence, you can interact with candidates faster to attract job seekers before the competition.

Whiles social recruiting is a powerful option for staffing franchises, it’s important to start slow. Because creating two-way communication in the staffing industry can open the door to negative feedback, agency franchise owners need to be cautious when going online. You can lessen the chances of damaging your reputation by starting slow – paying close attention and being responsive on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, even if directed at negative feedback.

You’re also going to want the best return for your social investments. LinkedIn has been a big resource for recruiters, but 83 percent of job seekers today prefer Facebook. Regardless of where your job description lives online, it’s important to cater it towards the 73 percent of millennials that have found jobs through social networking.

To find out more about creating compelling and effective social recruiting for your staffing agency or franchise, contact us at AtWork Group today. We have plenty of resources that can help your staffing business succeed.

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