sidebar-search-job-seekersAs unemployment rates continue to fall, your business may be on the hunt for powerful and effective employment solutions. Attracting and retaining the workforce needed to keep your business profitable in 2016 is going to take more than just traditional recruiting tactics.

As you plan for expansion, here are some staffing trends to watch out for throughout the new year:

•Passive talent: A growing priority for many businesses is passively attracting talent. These are the individuals who could greatly benefit your company, but aren’t active jobseekers. By revamping your recruiting tactics to include social media, referrals, and even old-fashioned one-on-one discussions, you can increase your chances of building your ideal workforce.

•Mobile engagement: With smartphone ownership rates continuing to climb and tablets not too far behind, your business needs to leverage mobile recruiting. If your job postings aren’t online or on a mobile-friendly webpage, 61 percent of jobseekers will simply leave the website. Make sure your recruiting efforts are mobile-friendly.

•Retention: Because the labor force participation rate is falling despite low unemployment rates, businesses are hoping to retain more of their qualified workers now more than ever before. While offering benefits, competitive pay and incentives can aid in higher retention rates, it’s wise for businesses to look at other staffing solutions to find and retain active jobseekers. For many temporary workers, their ultimate goal is to land a full-time position, so keep that in mind when looking to strategize for higher retention rates.

Ignoring these staffing trends may hurt your business in 2016, so make sure your company is prepared. Partnering with a staffing agency, like AtWork, can help you break out of a staffing mold to find and retain your best workforce yet. To find out more, contact us today!

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