2016 New Year celebration display with the date outlined with fiery sparklers in green and blue on a black backgroundThe U.S. staffing industry has made significant strides as of late, and the momentum stands to continue throughout the New Year. 2016 looks to be another positive year for temporary staffing, with a projected five percent growth compared to 2015.

While the expansion looks promising, it won’t be without its own set of challenges for human resources and staffing professionals. A number or rising trends will need to be recognized in order for businesses to adapt and maintain profitability when hiring and recruiting.

Here are some top staffing trends to look for in 2016:

  • Mobile recruiting: Job hunters are using their mobile devices now more than ever before. Throughout the next 12 months, nearly 80 percent of candidates will use their smartphones and tablets to secure a job, making it important for businesses to use mobile recruiting tactics and appropriate job descriptions.
  • Application tracking software: A heavier focus will be placed on online recruiting tools such as software as a service that tracks applicant criteria such as keywords, experience, education and skills. Taking advantage of this technology can be a great asset to staffing, but it can’t surpass the attention to detail of a dedicated staffing agency. Using both methods simultaneously can streamline your recruiting needs immensely.
  • Social recruiting: A growing audience of younger workers means staffing is making a heavier shift to social media. One year ago, 21 percent of candidates said they found their best job through social networking, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing. You’ll need to manage your recruiting tactics to include social elements such as LinkedIn job postings in order to expand your reach in 2016.

These three trends are just the tip of the staffing iceberg for 2016. If your business isn’t prepared, you may lack the workforce needed to go above and beyond. By partnering with a well-established staffing agency, such as AtWork, you’ll be able to have a leg-up on the competition and attract the temporary and full-time staffing needed to get ahead. Contact us today to prepare your business for tomorrow.

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