Training Success Staffing AtWork GroupFor business savvy individuals, ownership is a desirable goal, but getting to that point can be riddled with roadblocks and challenges. Not only do you have to appeal to the investors needed to set up a foundation, you’ll need to establish yourself in an industry that shows promise of growth and demand.

While the U.S. economy is building, the labor force participation rate is falling, making staffing and recruiting a viable industry for new opportunities. Temporary staffing can combat the lower than average participation rates, meaning that in the past year, industry growth has been tremendous. At the end of 2015, the entire U.S. staffing industry stands to reach a market size of $132 billion.

With such a high demand, you may find it appealing to break into the staffing industry, but which method is best? Individual ownership takes a huge risk, vital connections, and an established customer base, making going alone rather difficult. With a staffing franchise however, you can reap the benefits of the high demand, but avoid a number of unnecessary risks such as:

  • Customer base: Staffing success means solid relationships with two audiences: the workers themselves and the companies they want to work with. With a staffing franchise, you’ll get the power of a national brand to attract clients in general personnel, medical, helping hands and much more. This can allow you to become a trusted partner in their everyday management to provide them with highly capable workers for all their staffing needs.
  • Training and support: If your past experience is in human resources, management, or basic business, the thought of ownership may seem daunting. With a franchise however, you’ll get extensive training before and after the launch of your business, with support for marketing, public relations and administrative efforts throughout.
  • Exclusivity: With a franchise, you’ll get exclusive rights to operate in your territory and lockdown your customer base. A reputable franchise will also work with you to ensure you operate inside, or as close to as possible, your desired territory.

The staffing industry is showing great promise for growth opportunities, and with a staffing franchise, such as AtWork, all you need to take advantage is passion, drive and commitment. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today to speak with our franchise development team.

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