sidebar-search-employersThere are a number of prominent generations in the U.S. workforce today, all of which have their own set of dos and don’ts when it comes to management. For staffing, working with millennials requires a different strategy compared to their older, boomer counterparts, making it important for business owners to consider how these generations interact.

A highly functional business will be able to successfully assimilate traditionalists with generation X, and millennials with baby boomers, but not before recognizing the differences between all four. If you’re struggling to have a multi-generational workforce, partnering with a staffing agency can help you understand how generational differences affect your business, such as:

  • Communication: For each new or temporary worker, you need to understand how their age group affects their ability to communicate with management. Younger generations tend to naturally take a more casual approach to communication, making it important to onboard them to your business culture directly. However, if your business management approach is lax, older generations may need more time to accept how you operate.
  • Technology: It’s true that certain generations will have a greater ability to adopt and understand new technology faster, but that doesn’t mean you should strictly hire millennials. Caution is needed when recruiting younger employees as they may have a greater reliance on technology, which could potentially harm their productivity.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Keeping internal knowledge alive is important for business longevity, but if you can’t transfer information between generations, your efforts might fail. Keep in mind how each generation best accepts, retains and delivers knowledge in order to maximize your knowledge transfer techniques.

Working through generational differences starts with recognition, and by partnering with a staffing franchise, such as AtWork Group, you’ll be able to better understand how each group should enter your business. It’s important to place your staffing accordingly, so contact us today to make sure your workforce is productive no matter their age.

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