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Hiring any individual is accompanied by some level of risk. Whether it’s the fear of turnover, unrealistic expectations, or the associated cost, there are many aspects to consider when hiring. To mitigate these risks, many businesses have turned to temporary workers, but these employees bring with them an entirely new set of hazards to consider.

When looking to fill seasonal or specialized job descriptions, it’s wise to work closely with a trusted staffing franchise to lower hiring risks as much as possible. Below are a few ways that a staffing franchise can help:

  • Definition: The term “temporary worker” is a blanket descriptor that may pass with your team, but not with the law. A temp’s role must be clearly defined in accordance with federal and state laws to avoid non-compliance litigation. By working with a staffing franchise, you can set a clear definition of each temporary workers’ role.
  • Safety: Just because a contingent worker’s time is temporary, workplace safety should never be compromised. OSHA recommends employers work with their staffing franchises to clearly communicate standards for relevant regulatory requirements. The national safety administration even encourages business owners to have staffing agencies brief temporary workers on workplace safety before being brought to the job site.
  • Turnover/performance: If temporary staffing turnover rates increase, the return completely negates the investment. By partnering with an experienced staffing franchise, you can help lower your temporary turnover rates and boost performance by having staffing experts find, train and implement contingent workers properly for your business.

Hiring any worker is risky and temporary workers are no exception. It’s important to find a trusted partner to avoid damage to your company’s reputation and performance. To find out more about how staffing franchises can help you mitigate the risks of hiring temporary workers, contact AtWork Group today.

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