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The temporary and contingent workforce can be undesirable to business owners. While these individuals are often necessary to meet increased seasonal demand or aid with special projects, they often lack the motivation and loyalty of full-time employees. As these individuals enter the workplace at an increasing rate, business owners need to know the best methods to train them for success. Staffing franchises, like the AtWork Group, can not only help you identify ideal contingent workers, but help them exceed your performance expectations.

Below are some best practices for training your temporary workforce:

  • Communicate: In an effort to maximize the potential of temporary workers, you should communicate with your staffing franchise and the employees themselves of expectations and training agendas. Your staffing partner should also communicate with you and your managers regularly about the qualifications of temporary workers. The more clear-cut a worker understands their job and responsibilities, the more likely they are going to succeed.
  • Equal treatment: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends all employers treat their temporary workforce as if they were permanent employees. They should be given the same safety, workplace conduct, and core value training as everyone else.
  • Entice and Incentivize: Approximately half of the employees sourced by staffing franchises view temporary staffing as a way to get a permanent job. When you bring on contingent workers, consider a temp-to-hire program for individuals who perform at an exceptional level in an effort to boost morale.

Training temporary staff shouldn’t be any different from standard procedures. The more connected these contingent employees feel to your business, the more likely they are to go above and beyond. By partnering closely with a trusted staffing agency franchise, such as AtWork, you can almost guarantee your temporary workforce will be a major contributor to your seasonal success. To find out more, contact AtWork today.

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