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Working with a staffing franchise can benefit your business by freeing up your time to operate your company. By outsourcing your recruiting and temporary staffing administration, you can focus on the job of building revenue. While the concept sounds appealing, you should know that not all staffing franchises are created equal.

If you’re not getting the qualified candidates you need to conduct your business, your staffing franchise can be more trouble than it’s worth. When looking for your next staffing partner, here are a few things to consider:

  • High Turnover: A partner needs to understand your business, which takes time. If the turnover rates for representatives are too high, then the staffing agency may not be able to fully comprehend your business model. Look for agencies that operate as a franchise to gain access to representatives who are dedicated owners rather than job hoppers.


  • Leadership – If the agency’s corporate team isn’t dedicated to staffing, how will they perform when you need them most? Look for an organization with years of employment experience and a true passion for staffing and the staffing industry.


  • Divisions – If your business needs multiple temporary staffing solutions for multiple departments, it’s best to look for an agency with multiple divisions. By partnering with an agency with a wide range of concentrations, from administrative and industrial to medical or helping hands, you can always turn to one staffing source.

Not all staffing franchises are equipped to provide you with the solutions needed to make your business better. Consider partnering with a staffing franchise like AtWork Group who doesn’t work for you, but with you as an extension of your business. Contact us today to get started.

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