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Employee turnover is costly for any business, and considering 48 million Americans left their jobs in 2013, business owners can struggle to maintain their staffing. When entry-level workers leave, it can cost the company up to 50 percent of their annual salary to replace them. For higher-level or specialized employees, the price of turnover can be up to 400 percent of their annual salary. If you’re experiencing a high level of employee turnover, temporary staffing might be a viable solution. Working with a staffing franchise can help you fill the spots you need to maintain a profitable business. Here are a few ways how:

  • Short-term nature: The very idea behind temporary staffing and contingent workers is that they are brought on for a project or a season, and then they leave. Specialized temporary staffing is a viable option for highly technical or detail-oriented projects with a time limit.
  • Seasonal: Temporary workers can help your overall turnover rates during holidays and other seasonal business spikes by taking the stress off your full-time employees. This helps boost overall productivity, employee morale and customer satisfaction. By working with your staffing franchise, you can even create a temp-to-hire system for temporary workers who show initiative.
  • Special projects: If you want your business to expand, you may want to take on new and challenging projects that require help from specialists. By hiring these individuals on a project basis, you can achieving your new goals economically by avoiding the costs associated with a full-time employee.

Temporary staffing is a smart way to lower turnover rates and boost business at the same time. While an appealing choice, determining how to deal with temp workers is a complex undertaking that should be conducted with help from trusted staffing franchises. As a leading staffing franchise, AtWork Group can help your business identify and integrate temporary workers into your business. To find out more, contact us today.

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