Every business goes through its times when production is overwhelmed or one of your departments is engulfed in a major project. As a business owner, it’s important to know when you should make the decision to hire additional help. A staffing franchise can pair you with a qualified individual specific to your industrysidebar-helpinghands-employers

It’s common for businesses to require additional hands for a certain duration. AtWork Group specializes in staffing in several industries.

When is the right time to consider hiring additional help?

  • When you know you’re about to be overwhelmed. Whether you expect seasonal spikes in sales or you have a large project with a deadline, you need to know your permanent staff’s limits. The work has to get done regardless, and bringing in new and fresh perspectives could tremendously help your team’s productivity.
  • When your staff’s skillsets are limited. In service and trade industries, oftentimes there may be a project requiring you to subcontract an individual that can help meet needs outside of your scope of work. You may only need an employee with these skills a few times a year, but it’s worth turning to a staffing agency to find the best candidates to assist your team.
  • When members of your staff suddenly leave. Regardless of your efforts to minimize your employee turnover, some employees may still leave without prior notice. When this occurs, there’s a good chance you need qualified help as quickly as possible. A staffing agency can provide you with adequate help in a matter of one to two days. This option also provides you with a chance to see if the temporary employee would be interested in filling the position full-time.

At AtWork Group, we understand that your employees are your best assets. We want to help provide you with the best team to run your business. If you are in need of an employee that you can trust and rely on, contact us today to match you with the best candidate for your team.

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