Filling a position with a temp-to-hire can be a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer. The employee has the opportunity to try out an employer and job before accepting an offer. The employer has the opportunity to have a trial period with a prospective employee before making an offer. sidebar-search-job-seekers

As a leading national staffing franchise, AtWork Group understands the value in hiring temporary employees in today’s ever-evolving professional landscape. Because of the duration of the employee’s trial period, you can be confident in knowing whether the employee is a good fit for the company.

However, don’t let confidence and familiarity with the employee be a reason to cut corners on your company’s hiring practices. To make the work-to hire process as seamless as possible, there are a few things to consider:

  • Post the Position Internally. Even if you already have a temporary employee in mind, posting the position internally gives your current employees the opportunity to express interest in the position and showcase their skills. This also provides a qualified internal employee an opportunity for advancement.
  • Perform a Formal Interview. The interview portion of the hiring process may seem unnecessary. However, interviewing the employee just like any other candidate shows that company policies and procedures are important. This is especially true if the employee is a candidate for a different position that the one she is currently working.
  • Conduct New Hire Orientation. It might be tempting to bypass orientation in a temp-to-hire situation. New hire orientation is essential to inform your employee of the corporate vision, building security, company policies or benefits packages. These elements of your company are paramount to the success of your new hire.

Searching to fill a temp-to-hire staffing position? AtWork Group is one of the industry leaders in staffing. We are here to help.


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