Of all the social media platforms used to find new candidates, LinkedIn has proven to be at the top of the list. As a professional network site, LinkedIn has over 300 million registered users living in countries all over the world. What’s more, a survey by LinkedIn found that 64 percent of active candidates are browsing career opportunities on social and professional networks. More than 190 million candidates looking for job opportunities on platforms like LinkedIn and these numbers are expected to climb by the end of 2015. Linkedinphotopin


A staffing franchise, like AtWork Group, understands the importance of combining traditional staffing with online social recruitment. Without a doubt, having a professional presence on LinkedIn is key to building your company’s credibility online as an expert in your field and as an employer. Actively participating in industry relevant LinkedIn groups and sharing blog content, company updates and news about industry awards are essential to engaging with potential candidates of your expertise.


LinkedIn can help your company establish brand credibility and a positive reputation. Post pictures of employee events and encourage your employees to follow the company and share your content. This will increase your LinkedIn industry audience and make your company more intriguing as an employer.


LinkedIn drives viewers to your website to learn more about your company, its culture and job opportunities. In the previously mentioned survey, LinkedIn also found that 94 percent of candidates expect to see current job openings on a company’s mobile careers site. This provides an optimal opportunity for employers to stay visible and active on social media and online job platforms, but many business owners do not invest the time to use them effectively.


Whether your business is in the medical field or IT, LinkedIn is a business development tool to locate, attract, and recruit qualified professionals. AtWork Group specializes in effectively using platforms like LinkedIn to find the best talent for your company. Contact us today for expertise in social and traditional recruiting methods.

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