Most employers have in mind exactly what they’re looking for when they decide to hire talent for a new position. Traditionally, this meant hiring someone who was already experienced and skilled in the field and whose training needs were generally limited to in-house systems and practices. This ensured maximum output from an employee with limited, but expected, investment. personnel-faq

Today, as employers choose to make larger investments in training their employees, many often opt for a mix of experienced, skilled talent, new graduates, apprentices and individuals who have worked outside the industry but have easily transferable skills. This often has to do with the ready-made digital prowess that new graduates, apprentices and mobile candidates come with.

What happens, however, once an employer has all of its candidates on board, and the staffing mix has become a challenge? How do you incorporate different skill and experience levels, strengths and weaknesses into one dynamic team? Training, of course.

Employers are increasingly investing in the cross-functional training needed to retain the diverse group of talented individuals they hired. Training and assessment can improve a company’s production, employee job satisfaction and overall performance.

Staffing agencies see diversity and variety in experience and skills daily. They are adept at identifying skills and areas of improvement and offer training to employers, candidates and employees prior to and after hiring.

AtWork Group, a top U.S. staffing franchise, offers some simple steps you can take in order to get started:

  • Assess your employees’ current skills (functional and transferable) – where there are skills gaps, determine if employees can cross-train one another
  • Determine your employees’ talents (areas of high interest and return as opposed to hard skills) – this will help you in planning how best to train across your skills gap. It may also give you an opportunity for success on tasks and projects by assigning employees with the talent to make it work even when employees don’t have the hard skills
  • Listen to and watch how they communicate – this will give you the best opportunity to learn how to teach and train, based on employees’ learning styles

AtWork Group works hard to enable our candidates’ training and corporate staffing support to ensure a beneficial relationship between employees and companies. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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