In the world of recruiting and staffing, online platforms for talent have stepped in as a new go-to method for individuals seeking employment. Online platforms match resumes with traditional job postings in the hopes of building a connection with the employer. Online social recruiting is an important tool for staffing – and it is important to understand the value of traditional staffing partnered with digital recruitment. banner-search

In order to marry the two ideas of online recruitment with traditional staffing, the staffing agencies must have a good grasp on the following concepts:

  • The power of digital technology – Today’s online talent platforms have the ability to help people find work opportunities almost instantly. Not only can talent find quick results, but the results are also catered to them based on the job description criteria the individual submits. The personalized approach has opened many opportunities for talent – and this type of digital technology has also aided staffing and recruiting businesses. Like market research, using social media or digital platforms gives you the opportunity to learn more about your talent via their online presence. The more information you have, the better decision you can make, and the more personalized approach you can offer.
  • Keeping up with rapid changes – It is no new surprise that recruitment is constantly evolving and will continue to evolve. Not only has America experienced a rapid shift in the global economy, but staffing agencies are recruiting for job positions that may not have even existed five years ago. These constant changes in the digital marketplace and economy can make staffing a bit more challenging, but if these agencies can stay on top of the constant changes, then they can have a competitive advantage over traditional recruitment.
  • Traditional relationships are not dead – Although today’s digital technology allows for instant likes, friendships and connections, there will always be value in a face-to-face relationship in staffing. Personal interactions and relationships are the foundation of a staffing company and should still be used in its recruiting methods. The internet is an extremely valuable tool, but don’t forget other traditional methods such as job fairs, newspaper ads and networking events.

Staffing agencies that combine digital recruitment and traditional norms, will pave the way in finding the best talent in today’s digital age. As an award-winning national staffing franchise, the experts at AtWork Group can effectively use social recruiting in finding top talent and can provide you with solutions to get you the employees you are looking for.

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