We recently shared how to attract and hire the best candidates – but that’s just the beginning. Once they’re in the door, retaining your best employees takes a thoughtful strategy.

Is it creativity, common sense or both?

As one of the nation’s leading staffing franchises, the professionals at AtWork Group understand that employee retention –including factors like satisfaction, morale, motivation and more — is just as important as making sure you attract the best candidates to work for you in the first place.  slide-personnel

Here’s our checklist to create an employee retention strategy that’s right for your business:

  • Management techniques – Employee empowerment is one of the fastest ways to improve morale and increase motivation. Employees who feel they are not being “micromanaged” report greater senses of accomplishment and productivity. Creating time in the workweek for employee-generated and driven projects is one way to test this out.
  • Salary and compensation – One of the leading concerns of good employees have to do with pay and overall compensation. How will you create a culture where employees feel comfortable discussing these topics? How can you implement merit-based incentives? Consider having honest conversations about this beyond annual reviews. Consistent communication can help you identify issues before they snowball into bigger problems for your business.
  • Balance Thanks to technology, a typical workday can end up feeling like a 24-hour endeavor. Employees crave more balance than ever but businesses often struggle with ideas of how to make that happen. Everything from cross-training teams to implementing opportunities to work from home can increase productivity for your business.
  • Exit Interviews – If your company is experiencing high turnover, do you know what employees both enjoyed and disliked about working within your business? Exit interviews can uncover problem areas that you may not see every day.

AtWork Group understands that your success depends on motivating employees for the long term and can help you managing your staffing needs across the spectrum. Contact us for more information.

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