Investing in people and the workforce has long been a sound idea –especially as the economy gains strength and sectors show growth and demand for skilled employees. Companies turn to the expertise and guidance of staffing firms to assist with one of the most important decisions they need to make: hiring the right people. staffing

The experts at AtWork Group, a national staffing franchise, share their top four reasons why now is the time to invest in a staffing franchise.

  1. Record of Success – Staffing franchisees are enjoying the re
    wards from this kind of high-growth business model – one that is projected to reach an all-time high in 2016. A staffing franchise that demonstrates high performance, especially in key markets, is certainly a venture to investigate further. Look for franchise opportunities where information is readily available and you can verify the track record of results with other franchisees.
  1. Broad Client Appeal – According to the American Staffing Association, nearly 90 percent of clients using staffing firms say using this kind of service helps them adjust to the changing needs of their businesses. It’s that flexibility paired with the ability to find highly qualified employees that appeals to client companies in the healthcare, technology and financial industries, among others.
  1. Multi-Level Opportunity Staffing franchises do more than match companies with permanent employees. Each year, America’s staffing companies hire more than 14 million temporary and contract employees. Not only is this flexibility appealing to clients, nine out of ten temporary workers feel staffing work makes them more employable.
  1. Passion for Employment – The most successful staffing franchisees are driven by an underlying passion to help connect individuals and employers to meaningful careers and work engagements. Does this motivate you? Evaluating your passion for the industry is a good place to start.

Starting and growing a staffing franchise is a great opportunity with the right kind of support. AtWork Group provides franchisees with the support they need to be successful. For more information, contact us today.

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