search-employersThe do-it-yourself mentality is becoming increasingly popular, with many business owners taking on more administrative tasks. Employee recruiting is one of those functions, but there should come a point when owners lessen their recruiting responsibilities.

At the core of most successful companies, most functions and tasks are divided by expertise to individuals and departments focused on a specific business goal. As an award winning staffing franchise, AtWork Group is dedicated to providing companies with the utmost employment solutions, which allows you and your employees to
focus on your company’s specialty. Not using a staffing service can put your recruiting strategy at risk:

  1. Failure to get key employees: For many business owners, especially of smaller operations, DIY recruiting can save you money during times when your workforce growth isn’t a top priority. However, a need for an immediate hire could occur at any time, which can have a negative impact on your business’ productivity. If you’re unable to commit the time necessary to finding the right candidate, you’re liable to either hire the wrong employee, or lose them to the competition.
  2. Lose focus on your business: Hiring the kind of employees that will help your business reach new heights takes dedicated time and effort. If you decide to recruit these type of individuals on your own time, it takes valuable time away from the revenue generating aspects of your business. Staffing professionals’ careers are dedicated to finding the right candidates for companies, meaning that the act of recruiting truly is a full time job.
  3. Legality of contracts: If you’re looking to recruit temporary workers, it is important to understand the compliance regulations associated with hiring these individuals. Creating, implementing, and negotiating contracts requires a lot of experienced attention, and unless you are well versed in current regulations, you can find yourself in trouble with labor laws and standards.
  4. Get caught in a loop: If you’re having trouble finding and retaining the right employees, you may want to reevaluate your recruitment strategy. Posting on a job site is no longer effective enough to build a reputable workforce, and by outsourcing your staffing needs, you can revamp your tactics to start building again.

While there are many methods for effective recruiting for your business, outsourcing to a professional staffing agency, like AtWork Group, can eliminate the risks of DIY recruiting while maximizing your efforts.

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